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Investment Centre Limited (ICL) provides a full range of capital market related financial services. Client investors decide what security should be bought on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and at what price. We also execute sales instructions speedily and efficiently in line with our corporate values.

Where the client empowers the company, stock management (sales and purchase) decisions will be taken on the clients behalf based on our experience, research, emergent information and expectations. Clients could also establish a portfolio by bringing existing stocks (Read about Portfolio Management service).  At ICL, the client never really loses control of their assets.

Specifically, functions performed by this arm of the company are:

  • Purchase and sale of shares on behalf of clients.
  • Conversion/ demobilization of share certificates into CSCS system.
  • Certificate/ dividend recovery and revalidation at the Registrar.
  • Transmission of deceased investors' shares to the beneficiaries.
  • Nominee and Custodian services.
  • Capital Market Research and reporting through monthly bulletins.
  • Transfer, Consolidation/ Merger of all clients' accounts with CSCS and Registrars.
  • Strategy and Position taking on stocks.
  • Private funds and Asset management.
  • Active Stock Trading – Buy Low, Sell High “BLOSH”.

This arm works closely with each client to identify their goals before determining the appropriate investments and strategies to match their needs. All clients are assigned a fund manager to administer and monitor their funds as well as provide feedback and support on your investments.

We will administer your investments and provide timely account reports detailing the position of your stocks.

Start reaping the benefit of our Stock broking services immediately by becoming our client. Simply download our application form which is available online. (Obtain Application form now).

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