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ICL Support Services provides fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective corporate support service solutions to a wide range of clients. Primary amongst these classes of services are Recruitment, Outsourcing and Personnel Support Services to corporate clients. The company also provides telecommunications support services. Simply let us know your individual or corporate requirements and ICLSSL will search from within our existing pool of qualified individuals or conduct the necessary recruitment exercise to ensure your specific Human resource needs are effectively met.
Recruitment And Selection  
ICL support services Recruitment service aims at effectively addressing the increasing concerns of employers regarding getting the right personnel to fill available positions on part-time and/or full time basis. The objective of our recruitment service is to facilitate the identification, testing and subsequent outright recruitment of qualified and capable manpower for our clients on a global scale.

Through this service, we provide support to our clients in their quest for recruitment of the most suitable, competent and reliable personnel through identification, recruitment of staff that adequately meet their specific needs, filling the gap between demand and supply of high quality manpower at low, medium and high cadres of our client organizations.

Using the most modern recruitment techniques, we are able to successfully bear the tedious and painstaking challenges of sieving through thousands of applications in search of rightful candidates from across the country as well as abroad where necessary in order to secure the most suitable candidate(s) for vacant positions available in our client organizations on permanent, temporary and casual basis. (Available Positions)

In addition, ICLSSL provides SECONDMENT services through which we provide our highly experiences support staff on secondment to work in client organizations as the need arises. Top

Outsourcing is the human resource function involving the commissioning and use of an external organization, manpower or parts of manpower, equipment, and/or other resources for the perfomance of a task or project on a temporary or permanent basis rather than using the company's staff or plant. ICL Support Services Limited undertakes the contracting and execution of Human Resource related Outsourcing where manpower required for the

execution of projects are supplied to clients. ICLSSL also executes various projects outsourced by clients to the company. All outsourced client projects and duties are executed strictly in accordance with guidelines provided by the client and delivered on schedule.

Management, technicians and security personnel available include:
Managers (all cadres)
Sales and Marketing executives
Clerical and administrative staff
Cashiers and Tellers
Security Personnel
Automobile technicians and mechanics.
Lift operators.
Machine Operators.
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ICL support services conducts manpower training and development programs aimed at capacity and skills development as well as individual empowerment. To this end, we run special courses open to all interested parties wishing to develop their skills in the various fields covered by our programs. In addition to our independent training programs, ICLSSL conducts client-initiated-training in-house training programs. These programs are usually based on employee evaluation

results, conducted for client organizes. Based on this, we follow up with the design, development and execution of specialized training programs for client institutions. Through our carefully designed training programs, we provide support to our clients in their quest to build the most efficient, competent and reliable workforce possible at low, medium and high cadres of the organizations structure.

Using the most modern training techniques, we are able to successfully train employees to become valued assets and efficient operatives of our various organizations. Where necessary, we second members of our highly experiences support staff to work in-house and provide on-the-job training for employees of client organizations. (Review Training Programs). Top

The trust we build with our clients is shown in the longevity of our relationships. We stay in contact and continue to provide advice to ensure our services continue to meet your personal and business needs as it changes and develops. 

This is in keeping with our moto : “Your Interest is Our Interest!”. We invite you to join our league of highly satisfied clients today.

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