ICL Security and Guard Services provides high level security services for 24 hour client premises security, as well as point of entry/exit (reception and protocol) security service to corporate and private clients. We ensure property and residence of clients are effectively secured and visitor movement are properly monitored and co-ordinated with the required efficiency and courteousness.









ICL Security and Guard Services provides special investigative services which includes survaillance and background check on behalf of clients. Our investigations are based on cases which are legally clearified and backed by law. Service provided in this regard include background checks on potential employees and security survaillance of concerned parties requiring security clearance/confirmation.






ICL Security and Guard Services executive security, escort and body guard service teams comprise highly trained and experienced security executives who provide armed or unarmed personal potection service clients. We operate full-time and part-time teams involved in the protection of political leaders, corporate executives, dignitaries and celebrities. Our service in this regard covers travel escort, family and armed residential protection. Our services are delivered with the highest level of efficiency, courteousness, diligence and integrity.





ICL Security and Guard Services provide effective events and crowd control services. Our highly trained security officers deploy modern event security survailance equipment and crowd control strategies which ensure safety and security of participants/crowds at event venues.













ICL Security and Guard Services undertakes the training and development of security personnel at all levels in institutions and organisations operating in all sectors of the economy. Through our highly trained and experienced security executives, we deliver effective training and consulting, which ensures security personnel we train effectively deliver the highest standard of security services at all times. ICLSGSL also provides advisory services to clients on their security needs and trains them on how to effectively meet such needs always.







ICL Security and Guard Services supplies and installs quailty security survaillance management systems and equipment on demand. We work with our clients to effectively determine their security survaillance equipment needs, support them in procuring high quality equipment and install such equipment on site.

Some of the high-tech security and survaillance equipment supplied and installed by ICLSGSL include: Hi-Tech CCTV Cameras, Glass Break Detectors, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Smoke & Fire Detection Systems, Advanced Perimeter Security Systems, Metal Detectors, etc





ICL Security and Guard Services engages in the assessment of security risk and treats to individual, corporate institutions and other organisations. Based on careful scientific security risk accessment and evaluation, challenges faced by a client are identified. Based on our threat accessment, ICSGSL facilitates the planning and development of effective security strategies to address of our client's security needs at every point in time in the course of conducting their activities.