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When was ICL Support Services Limited Formed?
ICL Support Services Limited was incorporated as an independent corporate entity in the year 2007.
What is the major business undertaken by ICL Support Services Limited?
The primary business undertaken by ICL Support Services Limited is corporate/institutional outsourcing, recruitment and training of low, middle and highly skilled manpower and staff for client institutions across the country. The company also engages in provision of other business related services such as: Corporate Facility Management, Cleaning Services and provision of Telecommunications Support Services. Our Services in detail.
Who are the major target and beneficiaries of ICL Support Services Limited?
The primary target/ beneficiaries of ICL Support Services Limited are corporate establishments. In addition, individuals who successfully scale our recruitment exercises carried-out on behalf of clients also benefit directly and indirectly from our services.
What makes ICL Support Services Limited more rewarding?
ICL Support Services Limited implements carefully developed tailor services suited for each individual client. Our services are executed with the primary objective of ensuring the needs and aspirations of our clients are successfully met and surpassed. Client satisfaction is our key goal and we have continually provided excellent services to our clients time and again. Our success in client satisfaction has resulted in the dramatic growth recorded in our client base and finances over the years. This is all thanks to an effective management strategy as well as a highly skilled, motivated, effective and dedicated workforce which ensures guaranteed success.
Who are those responsible for administering ICL Support Services Limited?
The ICL Support Services Limited Board of Directors is chaired by Otunba Femi Dinah, a senior Chartered Accountant and former Group Executive Director - Finance and Planning, TotalFinaElf Nigeria (one of Nigeria's major crude oil giants), while the management team is headed by Mr. Hyacinth I. Odunwa. Mr. Odunwa has vast senior public and private sector experience spanning the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Merchant Bank of Africa (MBA), Manny Bank Limited and City Express Bank Limited. Our Senior Management Profile









How do l utilize ICL Support Services?
ICL Support Services Limited provides a wide range of services to a variety of clients. In order to discover precisely how we can be of service to you, we advice you read through our services (read services in detail). If you seek to know more about our available vacancies, download our Vacanciespage. (PDF format document). In addition, clients are advices to call our office directly for further information. (Get contact information).
How do l check for job opportunities at ICL Support Services Limited?
To check for job openings/ vacancies: (1) Access our services page on this website (open services page). (2) Click on "View Available Positions" under Recruitment and Outsourcing subtitle.
How do l obtain ICL Support Services Limited Forms?
In order to obtain our forms via this website, users are required to: (1) Obtain access clearance and Access PassCode from our Admin Office. (2) Go directly to our services web page (open services page). (3) Enter the given secure access passcode into "Form Access" password textfield in services page. (4) Download relevant/ required form.
How do l submit my resume and forms?
ICL Support Services Limited forms, resumes, and other documents can be returned through a variety of channels: (1) By hand delivery. (2) By post (within the specified time constraint). (3) By Fax. (4) By e-mail as attachment. All documents must be in Microsoft Word or scanned document format.
Where is ICL Support Services Limited located?
ICL Support Services Limited is located on the 5th Floor, ST. Peters House, 3 Ajele Street, Off Broad Street, Lagos, Nigeria, the heart of Nigeria's business district. Get detailed contact information

Call us now on: +234-1-453 0065, +234-1-295 6778
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Email us now on: infoiclssl@iclgroupng.com
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